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DKNY’s silk slip lingerie Unrelatable Ad Shows Emily Ratajkowski Walking Her Dog In Lingerie

Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t cheap online lingerie stores walk her dog in the baggy sweatshirts and old sweatpants that you do.

In DKNY’s latest intimates campaign, high quality lingerie she walks her dog wearing basically nothing.

Ratajkowski wakes up in what a release from the brand best online lingerie calls “a quintessential New York apartment” (read: a walk-up with an exposed radiator).

But if the apartment itself feels “real” to city-dwellers, the relatable factor stops there. She seamlessly throws on a bra and traipses out of her building onto the street in just a bra and panties like it ain’t no thing, leaving mouths agape and ― of course ―  cabs crashing in her wake.

According to the brand, the 25-year-old’s jaunt around the ‘hood plays to New York City’s unpredictable nature. “Anything can happen in New York,” it said.

Sure, anything can happen in New York. But we’re going to guess probably not this. For Ratajkowski’s part, she explained that she has “never been one to shy away from expressing my individuality” and praised DKNY for always “supporting strong, self-assured women.”

We’re all about individuality and self-assurance, but think we’ll stick to keeping our clothes on during our dog walks for now. Watch the video above.

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